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Video: I Masturbated Six Times A Day And Even Slept With A Goat - Young Man Recounts

Sexual abuse is most often associated with women, but it may also occur in boys. Enoch, who is now in his middle 40s, was sexually assaulted by an older woman, and the events that followed have had a devastating impact on his life. Enock told Joy News Super Morning Show that his ordeal began when he was just eight years old, and that his abuser was in Junior Secondary School (J.S.S)

Enock said that, despite being a shy kid, he could masturbate 5 to 6 times a day from elementary school to secondary school because his experience had a negative psychological impact on him. He also revealed that at one point he slept with a goat.

“I don't remember how long the act lasted, but it lasted a long time and transformed me into someone else during my adolescence.

“I was a shy child, but I could masturbate about six times a day and did so all the way through high school. “At one point, I even had sex with a goat,” says the author.

The man also revealed that he is trying his hardest to stay away from such a lifestyle, but admits that it hasn't been easy.

On the show, Enoch was joined by many other men who had the same experience.


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