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Captain Smart Says That Sucking Woman's Bosom In The Morning Makes You A High Headed Person(Photos)

A lot of people come out with a lot of theories about why some parts of the human body are important to caress or press. Everyone has his or her own reason why he or she does something to a part of his or her body. Many times however, you need some form of scientific proof to back all your claims be it good or bad. Many times people say that their experiences in a lot of things have taught them a lot of things about how beneficial some actions which are done to the human body are. As a person, you do jot just have to shut someone off because their ideology differs from yours.

Many of the time, many people say that a woman's bosom is a place that the man always loves to place his head or suckle for pleasure.

A popular Ghanaian media personality known as Captain Smart has brought out an information that sucking breasts in the morning is a sure way to prolong life.

My team and I got some pictures as Captain Smart made his assertion in a video that is currently making rounds on social media. He mentioned that the best time to suck a breast is in the morning before moving out or going to work. He again said that every man who sucks breast is a high level-headed and an open minded person. He is also a smart man and God will add more years to the person's age.

Take a look at the pictures as he was advising us.

Will you listen to his advice?

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