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My Ex-girlfriends Keep Coming To Me Because Of The Size Of My "Todoodoo"

My name is Judas and I'm 28 years of age. I've average looks but trust me, girls keeping coming at me and I'm very worried. I live in Tema and I'm a teacher by profession. I have a girlfriend I'm dating and she is one of the best woman I've ever met. Even though we are not married, he treats me like a married man. I receive praise from friends and family of the perfect match I took.

There's a problem I keep battling and I need your ernest opinion. In the past, I've had about 13 relationship and it was a nice move. My last relationship ended when I found out the lady had a side guy who he uses the money I give her to sponsor him. I felt very worried but I kept my peace.

Just recently, my ex girlfriend I've dated about 7 years ago came to me for help. I was really surprised to see her because she left to state immediately after she was married. I decided not to try anything but trust me, she was smoking h0t. I kept my distance and remained cool with my take with her.

Moments after, she pretended to be sick ad since she knew I had a caring nature, I allowed her to take a rest in my living room. I went to town to get her some drugs to ease the pain. Immediately I entered the room, I saw drip and to my uttermost surprised, she invited me for the dinner.

I intentionally refused at the first instance and later gave in. I went about 8 rounds while she was gnawing. After the diet, I asked and she told me of how small and tiny his husband thing was and can't satisfy her during dinner.

I promise not to do that to her again and now I want to keel myself. Please I need your urgent advice because she is now pregnant and wants to divorce her husband so she could be with me but I also have a serious girlfriend.

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Judas Tema


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