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Man Explain How He Impregnated His Brother's Wife When He Wasn't At Home, Read Full Tweet

Many people walking on the street and various homes are living with people they call fathers but scientifically, it is not what they think it is unless the real truth is revealed.

A man has declared on Twitter the kind of love he has for his brother' s wedded wife where there is a child out of their love story, he claimed that his brother' s second child is actually his.

According to him, he had a s3xual affair with his brother' s wife which wasn' t protected when his brother was away from the town.

He also claimed that he has a facial similarities with the baby that was brought forth, the baby is always willing to come to him and he has a great affection for the baby as well.

The man whose name was hidden stated that he is overwhelmed by guilty conscience and took the whole drama to Tete Fadzie on Twitter.

"My brother' s second child is actually mine. I had s*x only once with maiguru when my bro was working outside the town. We did not use any protection because it was just at the spur of the moment. Almost everyone notices that mwana akafanana neni but then they just believe in genes having a role. I really like the kid and spoil her quite often but then the guilty conscience is killing me inside. I really love my bro and I don' t know how to handle the matter. " He concluded.

Below is a screenshot of the statement.

His statement really attracted many attention and below are some of the opinions of many people where the majority was blaming the woman.

"Firstly I know is the lady (maiguru) will never say what you did to anyone and 2. be easy on yourself, you did the worst yes but at times in order to keep our relationships especially with family we gotta keep certain things to ourselves especially this one is very dangerous…"

"Hanz" l really love my bro" jahman ka"

"If the woman was actually faithful, he wouldn' t have actually do that behind her husband' s back"

"I blame the woman for this, she should have told the husband right from the beginning"

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