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Dear Ladies, 6 Reasons a Guy Likes To Be With You

For various reasons, a man may want to spend time with you. Some of them are pure and will not deprive you of happiness. Other people may cause you great pain and make you regret the day you accepted him into your life. To be sure, you must first prepare. You need to know what is waiting for you around the corner so that you don’t get caught off guard. Here are some reasons why a man might want to spend time with you. Pay attention to the signs and try to find the person who best describes you. It will be easier to deduce his motives later, and you will know what to do next.

1. He feels comfortable by your side

When a man feels at ease by your side, he will be with you as much as possible. However, don't mistake familiarity for comfort. When you feel that you have known each other for a long time, say that you are very familiar. Although it may appear to be a positive feature, it is usually a red flag. This is especially true for empathizers who are attracted to narcissists. Empathizers quarrel with them endlessly because they feel familiar. On the other hand, comfort is a very different story. When a man feels at ease in your company, he is free to be himself. He need not be cautious. This is why he likes to work in your company in the first place. When you are free to be yourself, you can talk, joke, laugh, and even subdivide between being serious, discussing intellectual and emotional issues, and having fun.

2. You are the top priority in his life

Priorities are important to everyone. Some people put their career first, while others put health first. It is safe to assume that if a man is always by your side, then you are on his priority list. Whether it is a love relationship or a simple friendship, he will let you go ahead. think about it. He may do different things with others. You don't have to ask him to be there, he does it himself. He chose you over other possibilities, implying that he didn't want to lose you.

3. He likes you more than friends, but he dare not speak out.

If a man wants to spend time with you, maybe he likes you but dare not say it. Maybe he is a shy person and doesn't know what to do in front of women. He is eager to take your friendship to a new level and does not want to be just a male friend. He doesn't know how to leave the friend area at the same time.

For a long time, his love life has been tormented because he has been unable to find a woman who makes his heart beat faster. When he finally saw you, everything changed and he decided to try his luck with you.

4. He wants to establish a formal relationship with you.

If you are already dating and your partner keeps showing you that he wants to spend time with you, then he may be considering taking your relationship to the next level. He may wish to formalize the matter, because this substandard situation did not make him happy. He wants to spend every sober moment with you, because he loves you and doesn't want to lose you. You are already a part of his life, because all his friends and family know you exist. He invites you in and tells you the elements of his life that only a few people know about.

5. You keep introducing him new and exciting things.

He never felt obligated to call you, because you were the person he watched the football game with. He will contact you because he knows that every time you are together, he will learn something new.

6. When he is depressed, your smile can always brighten his day.

His friends are inspiring, but men often like to make fun of each other. He understands that if he has a difficult day at work, spending time with you will make him feel better.

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