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10 Honeymoon Photos Every Couple Should Take

Do it for the 'gram—and for memories that'll last forever.

Who doesn't want beautiful wedding pictures to recall every detail after a perfect wedding day? To get those album-ready photos, you actually spent hours interviewing professional photographers and drafting a list of must-have pictures. But now that the vows have been read, the cake has been cut, and your photographer has captured the final shot of your sparkler exit, you can put your newly gained photography skills to rest, right? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Your honeymoon is quickly approaching, and there will be plenty of opportunities for destination photography. And, just like at your wedding, every couple should take a few must-have honeymoon pictures.

Of course, each couple's honeymoon is unique, but there are a few popular shots to remember. Our honeymoon photography experts from Flytographer, a group of honeymoon photographers based in 250 cities across six continents, weighed in on the shots you must take to ensure you have a series of honeymoon images you'll want to treasure for a lifetime. When you fly off to celebrate your official wedding, keep this list and your passport handy.

The Location Shot

Of course, a picture that highlights your chosen destination is at the top of the must-take list. According to Kelly of Flytographer, "your number one must-have honeymoon shot should show off you as a couple as well as the location you've chosen." "If you two are daring, go on a romantic walk at sunset to catch the last rays of the day. Grab your shoes and your new husband's hand and dance in the streets if your place has a vibrant downtown scene with stunning architecture."

"This has to be a shot you can only take at your honeymoon spot and only at the time of year you fly there," Gloria agrees.

Photographer Roberta recommends staking out a spot before the tourist crowds arrive to get the best location shot. "Try to visit the area you're visiting during off-peak hours to avoid the crowds. It's possible that you'll be able to catch the sunrise. It is difficult to get up early in the morning, but it is worthwhile!"

A Stunning Sunset Photo

Yes, sunset images are definitely all over your Instagram feed—but they're famous for a reason! "I think one of the most romantic pictures is just before sunset," says Tania of Flytographer. "Golden light, a tender glow, the last rays of sunlight on the skin...that dense, warm light produces a very unique romantic atmosphere," she says.

What are her recommendations for capturing the right sunset shot? "It's crucial to begin shooting 30 to 60 minutes before the sun sets. The best pictures are taken 20 minutes before and 10 minutes after sunset."

A Hand in Hand Shot

Another one of the iconic must-have shots is a hand-in-hand walking shot. "My favorite snapshot is a walking picture of you and your loved one with the surrounding landscape," Lyndsay says. She explains, "It's a simple moment of the two of you going on your life journey together."

"Walk slowly, hand in hand, making sure to catch each other's eyes and laughing at the ground a couple times," Lyndsay says, to get the right picture. Trust the professional, as foolish as it can seem to laugh at the deck. It'll be worth it!

A Smooching Shot

Of course, a shot of you and your partner sharing a romantic kiss is a must! Get your honeymoon kiss ever more beautiful by setting it against a stunning backdrop, as this couple did in the Bali rice terraces.

"You can see the passion in the pair as they embrace," says photographer Jimie. If at all practicable, he recommends getting some distance between yourself and the lens for this shot. (It eliminates any camera phobia!)

The Cozy Shot

Remember to snuggle up! "I think both couples, regardless of where they plan to spend their honeymoon, should have a super comfortable, cuddly honeymoon shot or two," says Dana of Flytographer.

"What's my best piece of advice for making the great shot?" She encourages them to "relax, breathe, gaze into each other's eyes, and savor the moment." "Don't be concerned about how you think you might appear at the time. "Simply be."

A Black and White Photo

Of course, you'll want to photograph the ocean's blues and the rainbow hues of Cinque Terre, Italy, but you'll still want to take at least one black-and-white photograph. Kimon, who took this artistic shot in Santorini, Greece, says, "It's great to print big in your house, and it'll be timeless!"

A Playful Pose

Sure, honeymoons are supposed to be romantic, but don't fail to have some fun. Photographer Krystal of Paris says, "My favorite shot is to catch the pair enjoying a playful moment." "I normally tell the man to pick her up and turn her around, which gives her a sincere look of joy and happiness."

Just the Two of You

If you're traveling to a trendy destination, it can be difficult to avoid being photobombed by crowds of visitors. However, with the right angle, you can get a close-up shot of both you and your partner. "A must-have picture is one where you seem to be the only people in the whole region," Nathalie says. "Some places you may visit on your honeymoon may have other visitors, so you might need to find the best angles to give the impression that you are the only ones there. These images give the impression that you are the only two people on the planet at that point, and that you are fully devoted to one another at this unique time of your lives!"

Just Relax

It's time to unwind now that the wedding is done! And sure to photograph some of your holiday relaxation. A "sweet and relaxed,'real you' shoot," according to Barbara and Claudio, is an absolute must. "Because it's your honeymoon and you've probably already had your official wedding pictures taken," they explain, "it's time for you to relax and do something less formal."

Kristy and Vic, two Miami photographers, seem to approve. "A snapshot of the pair just being together is our number one must-have honeymoon photo. This refers to snuggling or playing for one another as easily as possible. You want to note the feelings in the snapshot and how you all feel as newlyweds above all else."

A Shot That Starts a Tradition

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind picture idea that you won't regret? Taking a photo that you'll be able to reproduce for years to come. "In most cases, the honeymoon marks the culmination of the wedding festivities. I believe it is an excellent chance to start a new life "Cabo San Lucas' Fernanda says. "Make your own tradition by striking a silly pose, piggybacking, riding, or jumping. Anything you should do in any destination you visit on your next trip."

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