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I opened it once for a friend and can not control myself anymore.

A 21 year old girl was staying with her parents in a compound has where she does not move out frequently a part from going to school with her daddy's car and back. She continued till she entered the university one day she was asked by a friend to accompany him to the mall to buy something. The girl since her childhood had not heard someone telling her she is beautiful. The boy place his hand on her waist and she felt good and after he told her she was the most beautiful girl on earth. The boy then proposed to her and sent her home and kissed her and finally had sex with her. After the experience the girl could not control herself and has been jumping from man to man. The long and short of the story is that we must get time for our daughters to explain their problems to us so that they will understand life proper before the are on their own. We should not be too strict on them but be flexible for them to come out with their problems.

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