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“Be Careful Of Friends” – See How This Pretty Lady’s Life Was Destroyed By Her Friends For GHc13,500

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A pretty lady has saddens the hearts of many social media users after she shared her life story on her social media page concerning how her own friends who received money to destroy her life.

Is there any person on this planet who does not have a friend? Am sure you will also find it very difficult to figure out such a person be it living or dead. This clearly indicates that we cannot do away with friends. Friend is a person who has a strong liking for and trust in another person. A person who is not an enemy. A person who helps or support something.

From the definition explanation for the work friend, is there anywhere which indicated that a friend can cause harm to the other without mercy? But friends of today are capable of doing anything because of money. Generation of today have allowed money to define us. We tend to do things to people we call our friends all in the name of money. Please choose your friends wisely to avoid such mistake just like this lady in this article.

The sad story of this pretty lady has got many social media users expressing their sorrow with the lady after she was deformed by her own best friends.

According to the lady, she was dating a guy who she taught was the love of her life and may eventually lead to marriage. She used to love the guy so much but to her amazement, the guy was also dating another lady. The side chick lady wanted to get rid of the pretty lady in order to have the man to be all hers.

She had no means of doing that than to hire her own friends to pour acid on her face. Some months after the acid was poured on her face, one of the bandits who happens to be one of her best friends was arrested and she confessed every bit of what they did. According to her, they took an amount of Ksh 250,000 which is converted in Ghana cedis as Ghc 13,400 from the side chick to destroy her pretty face.

Fortunately for her, after the sad incident, donations from well-wishers catered for her treatment and she had several faces surgeries to regain half of her beauty.

This is very sad and I know there are several experiences many people around the world have gone through due to friendship. Please be careful and choose your friends wisely. Your views are welcomed below.

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