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Ladies And Gent: Can Twins Marry Twins? Let Discuss This.

According to Wikipedia, Twins are two descendants of a pregnancy which is the same. Twins can be either monozygotic or dizygotic, which means that every twin develops a separate egg from one zygote, and every egg is fertilized by its sperm cell. Twins may either develop a dizygotic.

Now, the big question is, can twins marry another set of twins?

It may sound to some people very awkward(perhaps even toboggan), but a pair of identical twins who marry identical twins is known as a "quaternary marriage", I hope you agree with me? Even if they are rare, they do. It is not surprising that such pairs may even have their own twins. It may also go against tradition and culture. When marriage which is not supposed to hold take place, it is considered taboo because it goes against the norms and laws of a particular society.

In Euro culture, twins are allowed to marry another set of twins with no implication or punishment. But when you come to some of our societies in Africa, according to some culture you need to sacrifice a cow, this is because it is believed that the implications or the punish that the twins will receive from the gods have already passed on to the cow.

In some culture also, before twins will be able to marry another twin, each one of the twins has to disown(mostly the younger one) his or herself from his or her father to be a cousin to the other one so that the marriage rite will be allowed to proceed. These cultures and traditions are gradually preventing us from a lot of opportunities.

I think it a high time to look into the future and do the right thing. Why can't twins marry other twins? Please do not forget to pass on your comment.

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