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Spot Them Quickly: Subtle Signs He Will Show If He Loses Interest In You

These gentleman are generally reluctant to openly express their feelings. Very often, they speak little and prefer to act. When a man wants to separate from his partner, he usually gives signs that he doesn't love you anymore! Discover just a few clues that could illustrate a desire to break up on the part of you darling.

1. He becomes distant

One of the signs that a man wants to break is the physical distance he irreparably places between the two of you. He always goes a little further away, in private and in public, although it has never been his habit. He no longer holds your hand when you go out. Your partner systematically avoids physical contact. This behavior should alert you if it continues.

2. He hardly contacts you anymore

Communication is essential in a relationship. Lovers contact each other constantly, whether to ask for news of their partner or simply to exchange small talk. Whether by SMS, phone, email or even via social networks. Your companion used to do the same, but he's changed a lot. Not long ago, you could chat for hours on the phone, not seeing the hours go by.These days the conversations are getting shorter and shorter. Text messages are scarce. You don't hear from him until you take the first step.

3. He finds excuses to come home late

Is coming home late a sign that he doesn't love you anymore? The answer is yes if it happens almost every day. Your husband systematically finds excuses to postpone his arrival times in the evening. The reason ? Endless professional obligations. Often, instead of admitting what is bothering them, men prefer to isolate themselves or immerse themselves in their work. It's their way of running away from reality and forgetting their relationship issues.

4. He abandons your common passions and activities

A couple inevitably shares a few common interests, regardless of differences in taste. You and your partner, for example, enjoyed watching movies together or going for a walk every Sunday. However, you have noticed that he was less motivated these days: he is visibly bored during your common activities. He may even get involved in other hobbies, some of which you hate. And he knows it! All this indicates a certain provocation. It's like your man is pushing you away. Basically, these are signs that a man wants to break ...

5. He no longer focuses on your plans for the future

The projects that you loved to discuss together no longer excite her. He goes so far as to avoid these topics or even get angry when you talk about them. If your partner dodges any discussion of future prospects and plans, beware. These are signs that a man wants to break up. He wants to avoid giving you false hopes and prefers not to make any more promises. In the future, he no longer imagines himself with you.

6. He looks for arguments

Arguments are now your daily lot. You take your head for a little nothing. It's even as if he's hurting you on purpose to make you react! In reality, this is his way of making you break up. Some men don't have the courage to admit that they want to end the relationship. They then prompt their partner to make a decision, as they end up getting fed up with the situation. This is undoubtedly one of the signs that a man wants to break up.

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