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Simple Steps to Attract a Woman Who is Not Interested in You

This briefcase is like a talisman containing the cheat and magical ways of how to attract a woman who is not interested in you.

I have decided to enumerate some ways to attract any woman although she might not be interested in you .

1. Understand What Traits Attract a Woman


This is time to forget what you’ve heard from expert motivational relationship coaches who are trying to make you feel good. No matter how unattractive you are; the moment a woman realizes you have money, you become attractive to her immediately.

Money creates a kind of sex appeal to women even if you aren’t attractive. Then perhaps you are attractive and good looking, you then become the best thing to them after sliced bread.

If you don’t have the money, then you could go ahead and develop other qualities that I have mentioned here. But if you have the money, then no need for the long stress. Let me show you how to attract a woman who is not interested in you without money.

b) That Beseeching and Daring Confidence

Concerning what traits attracts a woman, personating that beseeching and daring confidence bosses how to attract a woman instantly. With truth, determination alone can be all you need to have that woman wholly drawn to you immediately.

Half the number of us guys don't have that confidence to approach a woman .

c) The Outlook

This does not mean having any muscular or manly body.

Moreover, how to attract a woman who is not interested in you does not in any request for gyms. You just have to look good and smell good.In essence, a woman is most interested in your look after buying her attention, in which the know-how is discussed below.

d) Sweet Communication Skill

Assuming the official language of your country is Chinese, English or French, I’d love to believe that there is still an ethnic language common in your country. So, consider learning to flow by combining various languages in one sentence. Excellent communication skill counts as a party member of what traits attracts a woman.

Understanding this would help a long way in persuading the woman to thirst for how you talk. She might even be telling her friends stuffs like, " I love how he plays with words while speaking.”

e) Becoming a Comic Friend

I have a sister, and I can attest to the notion that women generally love guys that are good in provoking them into laughter.

My sister and her friends confirm this to me, and they keep it as a secret among them. Well, it’s a misfortune to them now, as I have exposed it to you without charges; indeed, you are a lucky reader.

Not all guys are funny by nature or can compose funny lines during a conversation. But trust me, we all are born with an innate knowledge of comedy. What I mean is that you do not have to be a professional joker before amusing a woman. Women love jokers, so tell me what traits attract a woman other than this.

f) Unpredictability

Unpredictability means nothing more than what you just read here. And yes, I just checked the dictionary, and trust me, ‘unpredictability’ is not an ambiguous word. As part of this section, understanding what traits attract a woman includes being unpredictable.

If you are a one-way individual, the tendency is high that the woman you desire, but that is not interested in you would deem you a rigid fellow.

I would have included ‘women’s hatred for rigidity’ but to deliver for you, a finely compressed lengthy, I had to bring it down here. Be flexible, unpredictable but do not compromise yourself.

2. Understand What You Want from the Woman

The preceding section contained a lot, right? Indeed, it was necessary. After understanding what traits attracts a woman, it will now be easier for you to know how to draw a woman closer instantly.

Concerning the subject of this section on how to attract a woman who is not interested in you, it will be good to understand what you want from her. Is it true love? Or to bed her? Or, do you want her to be interested in you for the sake of ‘being interested’?

For instance, if the woman in question is a female colleague who is not interested in you, but you want to bed her, I’d suggest that you’ve don’t allowed her to uncover your intentions. If she eventually does, not only would she lose interest in you but also hate you.

Sit yourself down and be sure why you need her; because every woman would sooth (after winning her) to know why you attracted them to yourself.

3. Have Her Notified

This is where confidence plays a role. Nothing is ever given the attention if it is not set forward. I mean that letting her know about your interest will pioneer the whole even.

4. Bridge Emotion

This is the concluding phase on how to attract a woman instantly. What this means is that there should be a link allowing the feelings to flow from your side and that of the woman whom you are winning. Always make sure that there is a stream of communication between both of you.

The day communication seizes, that day is when you lose your charm. Communication doesn’t have to be direct; it could be being in a position to see her daily, or having something that brings both of you together.

Content created and supplied by: AlphonseCicinho (via Opera News )


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