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Husband and wife relationship

After Three Years Of Marriage Husband Finds Out His Wife Was Cheating.

Marriage is one thing that unites people for eternity so people are advised not to marry based on money, beauty, or material possessions, if not you might end choosing the wrong person to marry. Marrying the wrong person can lead to an unhappy marriage and you might probably end up cheating in the marriage.

An image containing a conversation between a married woman and another man is circulating on social media which has caused a stir. Per information from the media, the lady usually doesn’t stay at home because he is a busy person but he makes sure he provides the basic needs his wife requires. They have been married for about three years.

The man one day took his wife’s phone and eventually went through his messages. To his surprise, he came across a chat with one named Mike. The husband reading the messages to the end tells that his wife was having an affair with another man while he was away working to put food on the table.

The husband, emotionally distressed, posted screenshots of the chats on social media seeking advice on what to do about his situation.

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