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Confusion as lady bumps into her ex-boyfriend who ‘died’ five years ago

A woman got the fright of her life after she bumped into an ex-boyfriend she thought had died.

It may sound like something out of a bad movie but this is exactly what happened to an Australian woman when she encountered her ex-boyfriend years after his family told her he had died.

Unknown to her, a woman recounted a shocking encounter with her long-dead ex-boyfriend. When she ran into her ex at the mall, Lisa was shocked to learn that he is still alive.

Because he had impregnated another woman, the man's family lied to her to believe that he had died five years ago. 

Lisa was invited to his funeral, which was staged by his family. Several years later, they met again, and he was married with children.

She told her story on Twitter, describing what happened when she met him and his family.

What would you do if you happened to be this woman please share you opinion with us .

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