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Can not even stop laughing - Guys What will be your Answer to Your Wife when she tells you this?.

It's funny how memes can make the darkest things hilarious. It just seems to be a part of their nature to take a surprisingly brutal and dark movie or series and twist it into a funny image that can leave anyone rolling on the ground, especially a series like Invincible.

Moreover Laughter is indeed a natural thing that is necessary for a healthy living, and lack of laughter or happiness leads to poor health, and also causes depression.

With this funny picture and question on this platform, i believe all persons will definitely laugh loud, as soon as they come across it

I couldn't believe myself when I came across this picture containing this hilarious question.

I believe, all persons after clicking on this post would surely get entertained after raising comments on this particular question.

Check out the picture below and answer the question that comes along with it.

Wife: Honey this my four sisters will be coming to stay with us till this Corona is over

Reply as a husband?

Me: Am done with the marriage, let's break up🤤🤤.


Waiting for your answers guys,

I believe many will be on the same lane with me lol😂😂😂

Thank you for Reading.

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