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Are you doubting her love? Here are 7 proofs she secretly admires you but she's too shy to show it.

Do you have a crush on a girl and want to know if she likes you? It is not easy to measure a woman's feelings as they often keep a secret garment around them. It's even harder for shy girls as they often do not express their feelings, thinking that they may be rejected.

When a shy girl secretly loves you, it can be hard for you to know that she loves you because she won't admit to you. So you should pay close attention to his behaviour. Girls do not express their love just because of insecurity, and fear. They want you to take the initiative and wait for their response.

Here are 7 ways to find out if a girl loves you secretly, but she's embarrassed to admit it:

1. She listens to your conversations with others.

 She looks at you secretly, thinking no one is watching. Since she has romantic feelings for you, she wants to catch you in her look. And she will never be bored looking at you as she carefully observes your style and behaviour.

When you look at her, she suddenly looks away and is embarrassed. You will begin to feel nervous, and uncomfortable. She knows his departure has found you, and she is thinking about her right now. You can smile, or talk to her, but do not stare at her.

2. She wants to know everything about you.

If she loves you, she will try her best to gather information about you. Her new hobby is likely to put pressure on you on social media, dig up old yearbooks, and ask both friends. Soon you will be surprised to find out about your favourite songs, foods, and books by her.

3. She doesn't talk to you much: One thing you may find is that whenever you talk to her, she doesn't talk very much. The girl will pretend to be interested in you or will not want to talk to you. You need to pay attention to how she or she acts every time you talk to her.

4. She is constantly changing her appearance: She will begin by looking her best and will continue to change her appearance to catch your attention. She will always change her hairstyle, and her style will suddenly change.

5. A little compliment: The girl will point out something to you that you may not have been able to do on your own, be it the way you play the game or the way you talk. Do not expect constant praise from her.

6. She behaves like she doesn't like you: If you are interested in her, and she starts pretending he doesn't like you, don't give up on her because that's one characteristic of a shy girl that most people don't know. She doesn't want to express her feelings, so she pretends she isn't.

7. The girl is waiting for you to start a conversation: You don't have to think that she is playing hard to get it, you have to understand that she is kind of shy. You will only have to wait for the lead, then take the first step. You should not expect him to be the one to start the conversation.

Once you see these symptoms in a girl you like, you can keep asking her out.

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