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A Man Who Loves His Woman Will Never Do Paternity Test, Even If He Has Doubts- Nungua Cardi B

To do a paternity test or not to do is a very sensitive issue that most couples do not have ready answers for.

Paternity test a medical test, typically a blood test, to determine whether a man is the father of a particular child.

But for one of the popular Ghanaian Twitter lady who tweets @elly_serwaa1(Nungua Cardi B) postulates that paternity test is not an issue that should arise in the first place.

According to her, paternity test should not be one of the options available to a real man who truly loves his woman under any circumstance.

“Your role as a good man is to love her and the children regardless & always provide for them”, she declared..

@elly_serwaaa1 tweet is captured below:

If you love your woman you’ll never do a paternity test even if you have doubts. Your role as a good man is to love her and the children regardless & always provide for them.

After this tweet, many reactions started coming and some men didn't took it easy with her.

A twitter user by name Yao_zoa said-“Go and ask Odartey lamptey if he agrees with this statement”.

Is that the suggestion you would make to your brother, this tweep asks.

@Yaw_winsonn-“Ei. You wouldn’t want your brother to be sure he’s with a woman who is not taking him for a fool?”

We found a tweep who is convinced that if Elly Serwaa would do what she preaches?

Another twitter fan replied her-“Madam as if you would do same. Small boyfriend girlfriend relationship kraaaa u can’t stand it talk less of your partner”.

Check out this scenario painted by this tweep, if the tables turned.

quabena_akb-“If you love your man you’ll never do paternity test if your best friends son looks just like him. Your role as a good woman is to love him and allow him sleep with your friends too regardless & always provide vigra for them.

The suggestion really vex a lot of the guys, this tweep below included.

Another twitter guy was vexed and said-“Is like you are not well I should be catering for a child that is not mine”.

Do you really agree with her? Does paternity test shows that you don't love your partner?

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