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I Married Her Before I Discovered This In Her Kitchen - Nigerian Man Cries Out

The Bible says that whoever finds a woman finds something good, it is not easy to see the bones of your bones and flesh of your flesh and marry a man.

Marriage is a very important thing to experience in life. It takes two people who love each other to agree to the desire to be husband and wife forever.

A young Nigerian man identified as Tobe Chukwu contacted a Facebook group called the Enuani People's Foundation to find out what his wife's kitchen was like and asked the group what to do with it.

The kitchen looked so tidy that I found there were dirty clothes and other things that shouldn't be in the kitchen.

When I saw him, I wondered how they could eat from there when the food was served. I also wonder why the man didn't notice her beforehand.

Many people responded to the email, some advising him to talk to her so she could change clothes or help her better organize her kitchen, while others found it funny.

The woman has a lot to learn, or maybe her apartment is small and full of things, which is why she packs clothes and other things in the kitchen, even though she has to make space in her room to do all this, the kitchen is small, but there are ways arrange it with the help of carpenters, namely the kitchen is formed.

She says beautifully please, all I have to say is you told him you don't like dirt and I am sure that will change.

Olisa Sunny said: You are not ready to get married! When you're ready, you don't need that useless alarm for just one wedding week.

James Uche said: That poster must be crazy to post rubbish like that.

Calvin Ndidi said: God is your strength. God will bless you financially so that you can have a bigger kitchen.

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Nigerian Tobe Chukwu


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