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Dating Romantic

LADIES, he will NOT be able to take his eyes off you if you show up in this for date night.

Alright ladies, listen up. So date night is all about having fun,getting to know each this other person and deciding if you want to pursue a relationship with them or not right?Exactly. So first, you do not want to come off as too intense or not interested at all.Therefore I think your outfit has to do all the talking and silent communication for you.

The ouftit choice, black, because black looks good on everyone and it is not an attention grabbing color like a pink or a yellow but it is also not as dull as a grey or dark brown.

A simple dress will work,however if you feel extra you can get a two piece with a blazer,whatever you want to send across, let the the outfit do the talking for you once again.

By now you people know me already and how I do not joke with accessories for an outfit. Depending on the location you could be heavily or lightly accessorized. For a date at a restaurant for instance, which is the scenario I am working with, a simple clutch or a cute handbag will do the trick. Light jewelry to add some glitz and spice up the whole look and you are good to go.

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