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Northern Ladies are the best Organic, Pretty, and sweet material ever to get married to marry-Faruk

Each day people argue on the traditional media and social media to make sure that people will accept their opinion or advices they give out. Some of these argument are always on marriage, money, politics, religion and all different kinds but today I have one here which is about beauty.

Mr. Faruk Al Wahab who is from the northern region of Ghana has revealed that in Ghana, the best and beautiful ladies in Ghana to marry is the Northern girls and there are no two ways to that.

Mr. Wahab speaking on Onua television said that Northern Region ladies are beautiful inside and out and when you get the chance to marry anyone of them, accept because you life will be blessed fully with great family.

We need good ladies in Ghana as a whole. Ladies who can obey and respect their husband no matter what. Ladies today are not submissive and it's ruining their marriages now a days.

Watch full video as he advised and praises northern region women

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