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Sad News: Girl Commits Suicide After Posting These Notes On Facebook

Sad News: Girl Commits Suicide After Posting These Notes On Facebook

Whatever your situation is go through is and never take your own life because you will account for it. Remember, suicide should never be an option. A lady singled out as Buhlaluse Skosaba took her own life after she posted heartbreaking stuff about her lover.

Some people come to your life to use you, others just came for fun and when they're done they move to the next person. Looking from a different perspective, that was exactly what the Young girl tried to mean in her post. She described how a horrible person her boyfriend was. How he drove her crazy and how he could make potentially make life unbearable for others when she is gone.

Love sometimes hurt so in the process of searching for spouse, never be in a hurry because you might end up in a 'situationship' instead of a relationship. After a friend of hers saw the post, she hurried to context her but time had left her behind. A post made by a Facebook user called Joyce narrated her side of story. Quoted below are the words of her friend;

"I'm so hurt about how social media has turned this one post into a circus. I'm not okay now, it is still unbelievable. However when I do gather up the strength and the words to wrue about the amazing personality you still ar, I will. . . but for now I will weep and my pillow will gather my tears whilst I regain my strength. We have truly suffered this year. However this was the toughest blow personally. I've lost a friend, a little sister, a classmate and a colleague. I will forever love you Hlalo Skhosana Wami. "

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