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Always call your boyfriend these 10 Twi names and he will always stick with you

Are you a young beautiful lady out there who is looking for romantic Twi names to your boyfriend? If yes, I can assure you that you're in the right place because in this article I ha e gathered about 10 Twi names that when you call your boyfriend with them he will always stick with you, he will never think about leaving you.

Many ladies out there are fond of calling their boyfriends by their real name or personal name, and in most cases it shows no respect because most guys don't like it. Calling your boyfriend by his real name is most times not as romantic as when you call him sweet names that will make him happy and smile. That's why I have gathered here 10 Twi names that by the time you call your boyfriend with any of them, he will always stick with you.

The following are the Twi names to call your boyfriend. I have made an interpretation of each name to English;

1. Ahoofe dua (magnificence tree - epitome of excellence). 

2. Odo (love). 

3. Made pa (my beneficial one)

4. Akoma mu tofe (darling - in a real sense: candy of heart). 

5. Me dofo (my sweetheart). 

6. Me bibini (My African man. 

7. Ahoofe (attractive).

8. Me buroni (my Caucasian man)

9. Odo dad (great love). 

10. Odofo (cherished one). 

11. Me do ( my adoration). 

12. Me bibini-buroni (my African-Caucasian individual)

Women, please always attempt to call your boyfriends with these names and I can assure you that they will never get to leave you alone, they will always stick with you.

If you have anyother name in mind kindly let me know in the comments section below, please like and share with friends.

Content created and supplied by: Gistme_nah (via Opera News )

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