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How to plan a GH¢300 date in Accra

Searching for affection includes some significant downfalls. However, we have the smartest thought for you to burn through GH¢300 and have the ideal date.

Let's first make sense of the date. As per an Oxford Language definition, 'Date is a social or heartfelt arrangement or commitment.

So with the end goal of this discussion, we are going on a heartfelt date with a woman.

Until now, however don't have an unending measure of money to put toward it, you're in good company.

We disagree with the famous discussion that 'adoration and neediness are far separated.' You can have a pleasant date without spending excessively.

The economy is hard, and things are costly however you can have joy without doing excessively or spending excessively.

How huge do you need to go on your big day? This is an inquiry no specific individual can have a response to. It is circumstance by circumstance and exceptionally relative.

A discussion around burning through GH¢300 for a date is constantly warmed. There is 'or' and 'against' regarding the movement on the floor. While some believe it's excessively little, others believe sufficiently it's.

Try not to be annoyed in the event that you've generally wanted to involve cash in the district of GH¢300 for your date since it is conceivable.

This is the way burning through GH¢300 will be enough for a heartfelt date.

The best tip:

Ensure the woman likes you

No lady, I rehash, no lady who likes you and needs a relationship with you will gripe on the date you go in light of the fact that you burned through GH¢300 on the date. She will try and feel a debt of gratitude.

So my person, open your eyes and see reality. In the event that she could do without you, nothing will roll out her improvement her brain.

Simply find the person who likes you. Burning through GH¢300 will be sufficient and no joking matter for her.


This is vital. To show the lady you are a genuine refined man, you would have no desire to do troski for individuals to rub their bodies on them. So the most secure approach is huge a taxi or the computerized taxis (Uber, Bolt or Yango).

Put away about GH¢100 for both in and out. Assuming that you are picking the woman, you can do troski to the closest area to her home, then you can arrange the ride from the area to her home and afterward off you go.

After the date, you can pick one more ride for herself and afterward pick a troski back to your home. On the off chance that you need to bring her back home, request a ride, bring her back home, and afterward pick your troski back home (who might try and realize you did)? Then yippee you have GH¢200 passed on to over-indulge her.

Ocean side date

You are possible not to burn through an excess of cash on a basic ocean side date. This is the way burning through GH¢300 is conceivable:

As of now, transportation is removing GH¢100 leaving you with GH¢200. This is the way to spend it and have the best date:

Most sea shores take door expenses before you can enter. In this way, put away GH¢30 as a door charge for both of you.

Food and beverages

At the ocean side, you will eat. So you can arrange a few broiled chips with beverages or some rice with drinks. You can spending plan GH¢150 for both of you (most likely GH¢80 for the woman and GH¢70 for you).

Here we go food and beverages are arranged.

Then you actually have GH¢20gh left.


Nobody realizes what could occur. Having cash for an emergency is generally prudent. Anything can occur so save that leftover GH¢20 for different.

Frozen yogurt date

GH¢300 ought to be enough for a frozen yogurt date.

The transportation rule actually holds here. GH¢100 ought to bring and send your date back home. In the event that there is something else to spend, you can likewise pick a ride home or the troski choice is generally accessible to you.

Then, at that point, for frozen yogurt, regardless of whether a scoop is GH¢10, you can have upwards of 15 scoops for both of you, gracious that ought to be enough for a date.

And afterward you can take some water.

Here, you can spend all things considered GH¢180 and afterward keep the excess GH¢20 as incidental.

In the case of nothing occurred, you can get some frozen yogurt for the street. It very well may be her approach to expressing 'yes to your proposition.

You utilized a stone to kill two birds (a date delight and a sweetheart).

A stroll in the nursery or experience

In the event that you are going to a spot like the Aburi Gardens for a stroll from Accra, then your transportation is probably going to change. It is more costly moving out of Accra so a spending plan of 150gh ought to be enough.Then you can have 150gh leftover for your exercises.

●Door/extra charge

Hold GH¢50 as the entryway expense for both of you. It can either be for a position of experience or a nursery walk.

●Food/beverages and water

You just have GH¢100 left so attempt however much as could be expected to purchase something more affordable with the goal that you get yourselves full before any experience or a long walk. You don't maintain that the woman should figure you didn't give her enough food yet you believe she should utilize all her energy having opportunity and willpower with you.


It's troublesome saving some as incidental however you can crush a few GH¢10 from the spending plan for food and save it for the pocket. Perhaps you can set aside your filtered water cash and pocket it. At the point when you are away from the woman, you get some 50pesewas sachet water and chill your body.

Calm café

It's a straightforward café date. It's not fitting to go to a café that serves a plate of nourishment for more than GH¢100.


Indeed, the transportation rule ought to work here (a ride for the woman and troski for you).

●Food and beverages

For the GH¢200 remaining, you can spend about GH¢180 on food and beverages for both of you. Ensure you finish the food or sack the leftover back home. It can save you one more day. GH¢180 can't simply go into the container.


The excess GH¢20 is certainly for the surprising time. Essentially to won't be on a drought for a crisis.

Cook at home and welcome your date over.

This is a pleasant method for having a date and the expense will be less.


This time, you are logical not to burn through an excess of cash on transportation but rather bear in mind, you need to give the woman a token to send home as transportation.

Along these lines, financial plan GH¢150 for this.

●Food and beverages

You are in your home and agreeable. Somewhere around GH¢150 ought to be sufficient to cook for food and beverages for both of you.

●Have the very best visit and live it up.

You can utilize this chance to ask the woman out (what's hotter to a woman than seeing a man make a heavenly dinner)?

Content created and supplied by: Abdul-Basit (via Opera News )

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