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How Is Odartey Lamptey Able To Even Do That ?

Relationships are undoubtedly one of the most difficult things to manage sometimes depending on the type of relationship and the parties involved. Marriage or relationships leading to marriage could be one of the difficult relationships to manage especially if the parties are not honest with each other.

The reality is that we are all brought up from different backgrounds and also each of us carries our baggage depending on how and where we are brought up. Some things that I may find normal and perfect may not be perfect for another person even though there is nothing illegal about it. For example in some cultures or countries, women are allowed to marry more than one man whilst in some cultures couples in a relationship could agree to an affair with another couple where partners are exchange for a period or even in some cases partners are allowed to have an affair outside the marriage. In all these examples it's perfectly normal and okay for all the parties involved. But these are things you cannot do especially if you are connected to your source or God. Because if you are connected with your source or God you live by certain principles that do not permit stuff like that.No matter how normal stuff like that could be for the parties involved, there are repercussions and those repercussions far outweigh the benefits in the long term

Hence whilst some people may find what Mr. Odartey Lamptey and men in similar circumstances might have gone through as normal, others may find it appalling and hard to take. Truth is that it's possible not to be able to give birth or produce a child of your own hence the need to adopt other people's children and take care of them. There are even people who have the capabilities to produce their child alright but they also choose to adopt. So in reality taking care of other people's children may not be a problem for so many others but taking care of other people's children without the knowledge that they are other people's children can be devastating for a lot of people especially in marriage. There is nothing more painful than a betrayal from someone you trust and love. If the pain from such betrayal does not make you privately crazy it will make you publicly crazy where the four walls of Accra psychiatric hospital or Pantang Hospital cannot contain you

So I do not understand the concept where someone like Mr. Odartey Lamptey can go through such an experience and then still choose to reward the woman who put him through stuff like that with a house, money, and the peace of mind to continue staying in his house with the help of a judge whilst he goes out to rent an apartment for himself. I will gladly take good care of children from that kind of betrayal because its no fault of theirs but to still reward women for betrayal is like arming the devil himself with a dagger

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