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Wedding dress

Ladies: which is which white or black wedding gowns for your special day.

White weddings are something that most ladies dream of. Even though amongst a 100 percent there are ladies who prefer just a traditional wedding (engagement).

Every one knows most ladies when they were girls dream of getting their own Cinderella, Snow White or even a beauty and a beast story with their own personal Prince charming.

They see themselves walking down the aisle, in a beautiful white gown, a veil, matching cinderella glass slippers as the walk down the aisle and make that Prince Charming theirs.

However, colored gowns and most especially black gowns are not the colour many ladies would love the wedding gown to be. Afterall which princess with a prince charming wears black???

Fortunately I believe it is totally fine for a bride to wear a black gown to their wedding, infact a bride can wear any colour of their choice after all isn't it their special day?

Traditions have made it look like not wearing a white gown is a bad omen but that us far from the truth, many brides rocked black wedding gowns and are still living in marital bliss.

Although colours have their meanings, that doesn't restrict us to the kind of wedding gown we ought to wer. Yes white stands for purity and peace but unfortunately the pure brides can be handpicked (not to condemn anyone). Don't let tradition stop you from rocking your favourite colour on the special day, be it black, red, green or yellow.

However not everyone might get to rock their favourite colours on their wedding day, an example is, if your wedding is traditional ot if your guests are conservative (most Ghanaian families) or religious in their outlook (some churches), a black wedding dress may not be the right choice. Unless you want to make a serious impression that is!

Below are two black wedding gowns and three wedding gowns, which would you pick and why? Are you sure you can rock them? Who rocked their gowns most?

Kindly lemme know in the comment section.

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