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Husband and wife relationship

Lady Retells How Her Ex-husband Beat Her Up After She Advised Him To Break Up With His Sidechick

A mother of three by the name of Comfort, a resident of Aputuogya narrated how her ex-husband beat her up after she advised him to break up with his sidechick years ago. According to the lady, she stayed in Ahensan for many years before she met Osman well known as Photo, she dated him for many years and had two children before marriage.

After having three children, she realized that the man was not a hardworking person who would support her in the catering of their kids. Because she worked hard and earned much money that can sustain her and the children she didn't pay attention to the man's behavior. At some point in their marriage, her ex-husband made it clear to her that he wanted to marry a second wife.

Thinking he wouldn't because he also doesn't have the money to take cared for all of them, the man started a relationship with another woman and often walked down the street where she did her business. Comfort said her ex-husband attitude caused a quarrel between them. Few days later she tried to advised Osman to break up with his sidechick and take proper care for them, he got upset, beats her up and hits her with a stick, also he threatens her to kill and goes to marry his girlfriend.

Comfort added that, what was happening to her was beyond her expectations, so she informed her family. They had a meeting to resolve the misunderstanding and also advised the man to give up his relationship with the sidechick and focus on his marriage, but Osman told the whole family that he preferred to divorce his wife and marry the his girlfriend.

As if it was all a joke, when they got home the man hit her again and pulled her out of their room. Comfort claims she couldn't stay with her him again, so she packed her things and moved to Aputuogya. However the man summoned her to Social welfare to obtain custody of their kids. The lady said she was ordered to allow the two children to stay with her ex-husband and she will take care of the youngest. She accepted this condition and quietly went back home.

A few years later, she went to Lebanon to work as a maid but returned to Ghana after falling ill. Comfort stated she visited her children at her mother-in-law's house but they all begged her to send the children and stay with them because their 70-year-old grandmother can't look after them. A few hours later, Osman came to her house to beat her because she had gone to pick up the children. It required the intervention of workers at a construction site to prevent the man from hitting her.

However, this man again summoned her to Sovial Welfare to get his kids back. Fortunately, the man was ordered to allow the children to stay with her while he will provide her money to look after them but Osman gets angry and leaves the office. Comfort said she came home and took care of the kids without his support. She sent one of the kids to stay with her man in their village but Osman went to pick up the child without notifying any of them. The mother said she wants her ex-husband to bring back her child and also take care of them.

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