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10 Things to Say to Your Partner Instead of I Love You

For those of you who usually use this phrase very often, which does not lose its meaning, it does not have the same effect. While there's nothing wrong with that, it would be great to mix it up a bit. Maybe tell them what you like most about them. It will show that you are trying rather than just saying I love you out of routine. It can also be stimulating for both of you.

Here are some things you can say to surprise them instead of just saying I love you:

1. I love you.

Anything starting with the word f has a certain effect. And you say it with special power. There's no better way to say what you mean. Swear to do a great job there!

2. My love for you grows every day

Love grows with time. By saying this, you are showing that you acknowledge and also pay attention to this fact. But of course you can always add something. For example, how you fall in love with some of their habits or how they talk when they are excited, etc.

3. You can make me laugh like no other

Having a sense of humor is great, but having a smart sense of humor is even better. Helps keep things on the brighter side. In long-term relationships, we tend to take certain things for granted. For example, we grow out of the habit of mentioning things we like about our partners. So this will not only serve as a reminder and compliment, but nothing else will make it any more special. You'll see how they focus on making you laugh more.

4. I love how your body teases my mind. "Alfredo Cano"

Make sure they know exactly how much you crave their bodies. Yes, there are more important things than the body that may seem superficial to some. But at some point in your relationship, such things become just as important. You are both sure how you feel about each other. Why don't you convince them that you want it too?

5. You are the only person I will hold on to everyday

Everyone has days when they don't want to do anything. You don't want to be with anyone. And you don't have to worry about anything or anyone. The only people whose presence you don't care about are theirs. So this is probably the most important thing you will ever say to them, and it will be received with great gratitude.

6. How much do you like seeing them do something they love?

For some, these are the things that unite them. It's a good idea to relive those exact moments when you first felt something. It expresses the admiration you feel for them and can evoke something in them.

7. I like our conversation as much as I like quiet

It takes some time and effort to build something with someone where silence is comfortable. You can understand their silence when you know their words. And silence is not at all comfortable; he walks quietly.

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