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Man Breaks His Spinal Cord For Trying To Carry His Curvious Girlfriend At Beach-Angel News Confirms

This world is full of wonders and mysteries which can never be understood. Love is something everyone one admire and everyone wish to have a good carrying and humble man or woman for great moments all days.

This afternoon on Angel news, a muscular man who was trying to be gentleman before his male friends by carrying his girlfriend has been taking to the hospital after breaking his spinal cord for carrying his curvious girlfriend at the beach.

The man was reported that he saw men carrying their girlfriends and wife's at the beach which also encouraged him to do so to show that indeed he's also a carrying and lovely man.

Whiles he bent down to carry this curvious girlfriend, a friend also helps the friend to carry the girlfriend but he couldn't carry her and they all fell in the sand Whiles the muscular guy was not able to get up again. When the friends saw this, they shouted for help, and sell car to take the guy to the hospital.

Check out pictures of the muscular guy

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