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Signs Of A Healthy Romantic Relationship/Marriage

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Many people always wonder whether or not their relationship is on the right track. It is an awesome experience to enjoy the bliss of a lovely relationship.

Here are some suggested signs that can assist you to determine whether or not your relationship is a healthy one.

1. Mutual Trust

Good relationships are built on trust. Where there is mistrust, love would not develop. With trust as the foundation, the other building blocks will work well to give you the best experience ever. This trust has to be mutual and not one-sided.

Do you trust your partner? Do you trust the decisions they make? Do you believe that they will not betray you?

If there is mutual trust, you would know. However, you need to do an objective assessment of your relationship to know whether or not there is mutual trust between you and your partner.

2. Openness and Mutual Respect

Once you establish that there is shared trust, you need to assess whether or not your partner is open enough for your liking.

Do they always keep you in the dark? Or they always communicate effectively with you. Effective communication is a mandatory requirement for a successful marriage and relationship.

In addition, do you respect your partner? Or do they respect you? If there is no mutual respect, how could you help each other to develop respect? Respect is reciprocal and so if you refuse to respect them, then there is a high possibility that your partner would disrespect you as well.

Appreciate the good things about them and look out for the best things in them. When there is genuine respect, it positively affects all other aspects of your life.

3. Fun

Life is filled with ups and downs and we all need that special one who would always brings sunshine into our lives.

Fun is one of the most important ingredients that contribute to the development of healthy relationships. Do you enjoy a good time together? Sometimes, when you're together, do you lose count of time? When you are really enjoying a good time together, you would usually forget all your worries and the stressful things in your life. If you are having enough fun, you would be sharing jokes, funny stories and the rest. You would also enjoy playing games together and sharing photos, songs and everything fun.

You should not feel tensed in the presence of your partner. If you do feel tense anytime you are with them, then do another assessment of your relationship and be objective about it. You are supposed to have good fun in your relationship/marriage.

4. Equal Investment and Commitment

A romantic relationship/marriage is a great investment and requires you to invest your time, emotions and other resources to make it work.

In a situation where you realize that you are investing too much time, energy and emotions than your partner, you would have to reassess your relationship to see if it is worth your investments.

Never be in a one-sided relationship where you invest 95% and your partner invests 5%. If it is 5%, then it has to be 5% on both sides and if it is 100% on your side, then it has to be 100% on the other side too.

Your partner should enrich your life by making it better through being there for you in good times and in bad times. They should be ready to help you solve your problems and become a better person.

The best thing is to love someone and be loved by the person.

I hope these signs are helpful to you.

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Thank you.

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