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Husband and wife relationship

I Can Not Accept That My Husband Wants A Second Wife

I am a converted Muslim from England. I live in Saudi Arabia with my husband and three children, and we're expecting twins.

We have been married for 18 years. My husband converted to Islam 7 years ago and I was converted 4 years ago. We are a happy couple and have a great family life.

I recently found a wedding site on my our laptop. I asked my husband and he said he wanted a second wife.

This really annoys me, and this is something I would not agree to in any way. I know that in Islam this is allowed up to four wives. But it was something he never spoke of or said he might consider in the future.

He knew it was something I would never approve of. He says I should accept it for Allah. If I don't, does that make me a bad Muslim? I won't live with him if he marries another woman.

Should ths lady divorce or accept second wife?

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