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Young Man Narrate What He Went Through Dating A Sugar Mummy. (Watch)

The struggle for surviving among the youth as a result of poverty has led many of them to seek out shortcuts to riches. Some engage in online fraud, while others engage in armed robbery and prostitution. All of this is due to a lack of available tasks for them to do. The devil finds something to occupy the idle hand. A young man has described the anxiety he had after being introduced to a sugar mummy relationship by a friend. Here are the specifics:

"I was persuaded by a friend that dating a sugar mummy is a fun experience I should attempt for myself." His words entrapped me, and I felt compelled to obtain one. So my friend reassured me that I shouldn't worry since he'd connect me with one of them. He connected me with a sugar mummy, to my surprise. We talked on the phone for a while, and it got to the point where she asked me to meet her at a pub. Because it was my first time meeting her, I put on my best outfit. She inquired about my name and age, and I informed her that my name was Owura. "You're too young," she responded, "but I'll make do."

"You're a wonderful guy, and I admire your stature." She placed an order for club and inquired about my preferences, to which I replied that I, too, should be served with club. She declined! You're too young for the club, so I asked for either coke or Fanta from the waiter. We had several interesting chats while sipping our Fanta, and later that day, she invited me to come to her place and spend the night with her. I agreed because it was required by the rules, so I went ahead and did it."

"When I arrived, she asked if I had had a bath before coming, and I said yes. She remarked that nowadays' young men don't want to bathe, so I should go to the restroom and bathe again. When I returned, she felt my hair and said, "Why is your hair so dry, as if you didn't wash your head?" She advised me to take another bath. I followed her instructions. "Ei what is this, why are you so bushy down there, go and clip them off before you climb the bed," she exclaimed as soon as I removed my garments.

"At the time, I hated going to her place, but I didn't have a choice because I needed money." I was moving quicker as the game progressed, and all of a sudden I felt three slaps on my back, as if to say, "Are you insane, take your time." It's possible that I'm your mother. So I slowed down, and she whined again, "Why are you so slow, can't you finish the job?"

"She informed me my hair was bushy and needed to be clipped after that day." I went to get my regular haircut, and when she saw me, she said she didn't like that style of haircut, so she drove me back to the barbershop and requested them to fully take it off. She then invited me to a party with her once more. I put on my Adidas sneakers, a pair of pants, and a white blouse. "As for me, I don't fancy this kind of dressing, change, put on the shoe I purchased for you a while ago before you can join me for the party," she said when she saw me.

I borrowed one of her automobiles and dashed home to change. She instructed me to tuck in and pull up my trousers when I arrived. She laughed at me because I looked like a pastor when I did it. So, we went to the party, and later that day, I knew she was going to have complete control over my life, so I changed my address and phone number."

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