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What Has Become Of Our Culture? Bring Back Our Old Way Of Life.

The heritage of Africa as our way of life is what shaped the lives of our ancestors as well as people born in the olden days. What are we seeing in Africa today? The beauty of our women has taken onto another level in this era abolishing our heritage and culture that instilled good morals in our women way back in the 80s.

 Recently in our country Ghana, the most celebrated people with natural beauty are those slay queens who go half-naked. Gone were the days when black beauty was classified according to the inner qualities and culturally inclined appearance of a woman. Now, where have all these morals gone to? In this era, most slay queens regarded as beautiful have thrown away their culture and going after people's husbands because they see it as the only way to success. These so-called beautiful women hardly cook and see that as a way of being independent when it comes to who controls a relationship.

The sad aspect of it is that the upcoming ones are also looking up to them learning their way of life. Now, the university is becoming the home that breeds slay queens where these big slay queens pick up young ladies and train them on how they can go on an appointment with big men and sleep with them for money. What has become of our culture?

Some months ago, Shugatti on the Delay show, made it known to the public that she is a nudist and sees herself more beautiful anytime she goes naked and put her pictures out there. What has become of our culture? So now, we see taking 'nude' pictures as work in Ghana. Our laws should be enforced to defend the upcoming ones and infringe upon all indecent behaviours of slay queens that seek to destroy our heritage and culture of Ghana.

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