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"Play Boy" - 3 Examples Of Playing Hard To Get On Your Crush

It has been established that playing hard to get is a thing of girls but trust me, you can also do same for women to chase you. Love game in this current world solely depends on how you play it. You can either win or lose. Just remember, it's a game. Normally, I feel less privileged when I see my crush play hard to get when I approach her. Well, it's sounds irritating right? My gradual process in the love game has also revealed to me I can play same on her after falling for me. Guess what? It worked perfectly.

There are some example of playing hard to get that would be vital in the game of love. Let's sink deeper to learn more about playing hard to get.

1. Not Answering Her Calls

I've used this trick since time memorial and it's still working for me. Well, my crush normally used this trick before falling for me. Thanks to life that I'm using the reverse psychology to make her fall more for me. She knows I'm a busy person and she understands that I cannot pick up her calls every time. Don't fake been too busy because that might sound weird and unattractive. Not always that you shouldn't pick up her calls. Sometimes, you should pick up so as to establish the mutual feeling between the two.

2. Being Late

Well, being late does not sound attractive but guess what, it should be used the right way. You can just fake being late just to play hard to get. The decisive attitude can show if you put up that behavior might sound attractive or not. In my case, when going for a program, I normally tell her I wouldn't be available but later surprise her to be there. Yes, that sounds interesting. She mostly needs my company and I sometimes feign not to see that attention.

3. Portray Being Real

Yes, I just stay real to myself anytime I'm with her. My dressing is outstanding and I can't feel less of myself. The notion of being real depends on you the individual. You should understand that, you're in this world to live your life and not to make people understand the life you living. Your attitude towards life is a perfect prediction of where you want to be in the near future. Be real to yourself and your partner.

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