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Husband and wife relationship

Stop Circulating False Information About My Deceased Husband - Yaa Brefo To Media Portals.

Nana Yaa Brefo's husband died a few days ago, according to reports. Her current husband's image was involved in the story that went viral on the internet. Yaa Brefo issued a harsh warning to news websites that disseminate false material on the internet this morning.

"When word leaked that I had lost my husband, an image of my current husband was distributed in the media." True, I lost my husband; but, he was my ex-husband and the father of my child, not my present husband."

She went on to say that the one-week observation will take place at the deceased's hometown in a week. She urged with news websites to conduct their homework on popular news before utilizing it.

''It is was very disheartening to read that my current husband was rather mistaken as my dead husband rather than my ex-husband " These kind of information could cause heart attack and other related illnesses.

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Yaa Brefo


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