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Some Men Are Using Juju To Chop People's Wives And Girlfriends - Lady Advises

Not every infidelity and betrayal is orchestrated by unfaithful or disloyal partners according to a new revelation made by a social media user.

The level of broken romantic relationships has been soaring in the 21st Century and it appears that not all of them collapsed through the commonest reasons we are familiar with these days.

According to a social media user, some men are using spiritual means to break relationships and destroy families by sleeping with other people's wives and girlfriends.

The social media user reiterated that some men employ "for girls" (a form of juju that hypnotizes women into falling deeply in love with the men that cast the spell on them."

The social media user wrote; "guys are using for girls to chop their fellow guy's girlfriend or wife. Loyalty nowhere."

If that's truly the case then serious attention is needed and precautionary measures must be taken to ensure that you or your partner are not left vulnerable to these predators.

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