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4 Reasons Why Most Women Avoid Their Husbands At Night

Love is a good thing everyone dream of having someone who will love them for who they are.

Love can be sweet or sour depending on the relationship you are and the type of love you want or go for. 

Many relationship today and marriage failed because after marriage many individuals stop the habits and things they do when dating or before getting married. 

Such thing's affect marriage life you can be a humble man or woman when dating and turn to a monster after marriage and aspect things to work as before. 

Or guys Dressing so nice when dating after marriage you don't care the way you look again. You put anything your hands can reach on. You smell bad and dirty same time. 

The fact is once a woman don't find their husband they fall in love attractive any more they might start giving bad vibes or don't love and cherish their husband any more. 

This are some reasons your wife might not find you as a husband attractive any more:

1. You smell and sweat a lot

Some man find it hard to take their bath in the morning or at night before sleeping this can lead to body odor or other complications. 

No lady want to stay with a dirty man that sweat badly. This a total turn off to 90% ladies as a man before you sleep try to look good and smell nice before going to bed. 

2. You never romantic. 

Many Africa men fall on this category Ladies love a man that's romantic it really turn them on.

You need to be a gentle and romantic to win a woman heart and give her much reasons to be with you. 

3. You care only about your self in the relationship. 

This another issues or reasons women withdraw from their husband. A man should learn to Carry his woman along love should be 50/50 and not given out from one side. 

Because many woman just feel they just used them and dump them. be it marriage or relationship learn to satisfy your wife in all aspect of life and hear her own opinions before drafting your final answers. 

4. Learn to say sorry when you wrong

many men feel as far their the head of the family they will never say sorry even if wrong that's really a bad habit drop your ego down when it comes to love, relationship, marriage.

Learn to say sorry when ever you wrong.

If you can put this 4 fundamental things on ground and work on them your relationship or marriage will be working on the positive side and you see your wife always running to your arms. 

Thanks for reading have a wonderful day.

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