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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Ways To Attract Women By Being Busy

Undoubtedly, the busiest guys in town are the most attractive guys you could ever be with. Even if they don't have time for you, they are regarded as being precious. Dominating the love experience by being busy is one of the idle thing women finds it attractive. It is no coincidence that Alpha males are also the busiest guys in town. You can definitely attract more women to your side if you are busy or feign been busy.

Well, in my experience, I've been the busiest guys they could ever have and that never serve as a blockade for attracting the kind of women I want. Being too available to a woman anytime she needs you prove to them that you have nothing better is going on with your life and that notion must stop. I'm going to roll out things you can do to attract women for them to perceive you being busy.

Let's go further to uncover what you can do.

Avoid Being Too Available

Being available for a woman is not bad but being too available is where the problem is. They tend to have much interest in guys who have to their hands to do something than the idle guys. Don't be too available when dating her. In my case, I've been jobless for the past months but yet still my woman sees me as the serious who is trying to make a living by cashing out some dollars from the bank. That is how it should go. Just feign been busy if you know you are not busy.

Tell Her Of Your Next Appointment

Yes, this has got to do with guys who find it difficult in convincing their partners. Women are undoubtedly the creatures that needs constant erring to be able to understand them. You can tell her of the next appointment you have with your boss eventhough you definitely know don't you have any. You can also tell him of how things has being with your job schedule that is why you find if difficult to make it up with her.

Relax And See Things Work

Yes, after giving more stories and letting her know how busy you are, you can relax and see how thing would work out. She would definitely see you as one of the best creatures to make her life easy and better for her. That has being my trait since I ventured in the game of love and I've never regretted of doing that.

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