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"Play Boy" - 3 Good Questions To Ask Women To Spark Attraction And Chase You

I guess you clicked on this special article to become the seductive and play boy that every woman wants to get attached to. I've been in the game of love for sometime now and I might say it is very interesting if you're are given the attention from the one you love. I've walked my way through the hazel of landing a date with more hot and juicy women in and out of town.

Becoming a play boy means you have to adapt certain characteristics that would make you stand tall among the millions of guys on this planet. Women have emotions and wish to be loved by someone dear to them. There are certain question you can ask a girl that would spark emotional attraction in her no matter how tough she might seems. I've used it - it worked and it is going to work for you too. Let's get the ball rolling "3 Good Questions To Ask Girls To Spark Attraction"

1. What People Love About You Aside Your Looks?

That's is a very powerful question if you ask me. There would be a little surprise because she never thought this question would even land into your head. It makes them feel that there's something in her that other people has seen but she has not realized. They also have the feeling that you've identified their physical looks and you really love it.

2. Are You Always Like This?

This sounds funny right? Without hesitation she would ask what? You just smile and say something funny about her. Make her feel very special at the moment and compliment her of her dazzling beauty and fitting hair style. That's how you visualize your plans of having more women around you.

3. Are You Going To Buy Me A Drink Or What?

That sound a bit childish but trust me, it works. After you met her in the bar, instead of buying her a drink and some slice of pizza, you ask her a drink. Remember to smile and add "You pay the first round and I pay the second, that's how we get along as partners". That's a perfect to make her think you really desire and want to be with her forever.

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