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Bad parenting and its measures for a happy family.

Its a question we've probably all asked ourselves after a particular rough day. "Am i a bad parent?.

It is easy to feel like your parenting skills in a moment when nothing seems to be going your way, and you have exhausted your patience completely.

But the fact that you are concerned about whether you are making the right choices is a good sign that you are not, in fact, a bad parent.

Sometimes it can feel like every choice we are making is monental and every mistake significant.

We worry about the long term effects of our choices, especially when it comes to negative interactions.

But every parent has those moments where they lose thier cool. We have all made less than stellar parenting choices in a moment of confusion.

We have also got some tips on focusing on the positive when it comes to parenting.

We all have two mental health experts to share tips on how to spot the sogn of what we will call a "bad parenting " and the effects it may have on a child.

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