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Best Time For Women To Continue Having S€x After Childbirth

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Couples are usually told to wait six weeks after the birth of a baby before having intimacy again. But new research highlights that there's not a specific "right" time for everyone.

Each woman's postpartum experience is different, researchers explained. Someone who had a very difficult birth and needed stitches may think six weeks is way too soon. But a woman who had an uneventful delivery may feel amorous again in just a couple of weeks.

However, according to an American website, ladies should wait up to six weeks before resuming their normal bed routine. While each woman's postpartum recovery is unique, the broad recommendations below should serve as a starting point.

1. When The Female Genital Is Revived

During childbirth, the female reproductive organ naturally expands, which can make intercourse painful for a brief period of time. A woman's reproductive system should be restored to its pre-childbirth state before she resumes lovemaking.

2. When Stamina Is Regained

To have a good and safe moment of lovemaking, both partners must be able to give and receive energy from one other. As a result, a woman who has just given birth and hasn't yet recovered her energy should avoid seual activity for the time being. Because of a lack of red blood cells, fainting may occur during lovemaking.

3. According To Family Planning Scheme

To help parents decrease the number of children they desire to have, family planning is used. When couples resume s-x, they should review their family planning strategy in order to avoid an early pregnancy in women. At the very least, women should be urged to use contraceptives in order to avoid becoming pregnant.

4. When The Sexual Urge Increases

Nursing moms who have recently given birth often produce breast milk that contains oxytocin, a hormone that causes feelings of love and affection for the infant while also suppressing a woman's libido, which is responsible for seual desire. It is therefore recommended that you wait a bit longer before attempting to force your way into intimacy for the finest possible intimate encounter.

Reference: WmHealth

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