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Divorce Affair

A Man Agreed To Meet A Lady He Met Online But Was Surprise After This Happened.

A Man Agreed To Meet A Lady He Met Online But Was Shocked After This Happened.

Cheating is one of the most common things in the society these days. Someone might tell you that he/she is single whereas he/she might have a partner with children at home. But people prefer to lie in order to get what they want. Gone is those days when people are scared of cheating on their spouse because of what the society will talk about.

A young man whose name is Ogaga Smart broke the Internet after he narrated one of his encounter with a married woman whom he met on social media.

There was a question which was asked on Facebook page for members to share their personal experience concerning visiting or meeting someone they met on Facebook.

A particular guy began to narrate a full attention grabbing story about a lady he once spent a night with. After they had exchange numbers and so forth, they organized to meet the following day.

He said everything was going as planned however in the dead of night, late night calls started to come in and this guy instantly suspected that the lady was married.

He said he was afraid to some extent that he couldn't' t sleep any longer and was simply looking forward to the sun to rise the following day. In the morning he awoke from sleep and just ran and never looked back because he was frightened of being killed by the husband of this lady. He instantly blocked her as well on all social media platforms.

It is advisable to get to know someone before you choose to meet up. This could be a lesson to most guys out there. You can die as a result of not asking questions like are you married?

Let us know what you think the man should have done instead of running.

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