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He said I was too soft, so he left me - Lady tells her story

So, I might not be the normal lady every guy wants to be with or anything but, I know I have a good heart to accommodate anything that comes emotionally and physically.

Many always told me I am a strong girl as I grew up. I did my best to understand everyone as I didn't want to hurt or cause harm to people around me.

I fell in love with Emma when I was sixteen. We met online as friends and gradually fell for each other as we talked to each other for like forever.

I was just a town away from him. We couldn't do away with each other. We planned on meeting on a scheduled date.

He came around as he lodged in a place around just to see me when my parents travelled.

Are you wondering why I didn't bring him home? My neighbors were to watch over my affairs and I couldn't afford them telling my parents someone visited, especially a boy.

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Yeap, that's me above. We met the night he came and we hang out. We had a good time throughout his days of stay.

He stayed for a week. I would leave in the afternoon and come back by 6pm and leave again in attempt to go to the grocery store only to meet him.

To me, this was more than perfection. He got to know I emotional, though on phone, I was like all happy and hardly showed when I was down or hurt.

After our time together and he was gone, he didn't answer my calls or text for almost a week.

He replied afterwards to tell me I was too soft and he didn't like soft ladies. He really broke my heart with his words.

Fast forward, he came back two years begging for a comeback. He wanted to settle down with me and marry me.

Since he broke my heart, I hadn't been with any guy and preferred being alone. I will admit, I was happy when I saw him.

Maybe my soft side showed itself. I told him it was over and I wasn't doing any comeback or whatever he was thinking.

Dear reader, did I do the right thing rejecting him? It uncovered my brokenheart and my heart is beating like I have an asthmatic attack.

What would you advice?

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