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Meet the couple who have been married for more than 80years and they still love each other

When people fall in love, they all have one goal, that is love and spending their lives together. This couple has a large family which consists of 18 children, 9 daughter- in-law and 26 grandchildren. Their family loved and care for each other, they share one unique character that is love. Frank is 102 years old and his wife Theresa is also 97 years old.

They have been living together for a very long time and still love each other despite their age. The man's wish was to have a big family and he is now happy about that. They have been eaten healthy foods that is why they are still strong, unlike the food nowadays which contains processed foods and can cause harm to the body. Frank got married at the age of 28, that time the women were not interested in money and properties like how ladies have been doing nowadays.

Theresa too said, women of that time was having real love not like what she sees nowadays, she always feel pity for us because they were born in a generation where everything was real not what has been happening in this generation. During those days people were kind, respectful and also passionate. They fell in love, got married and started life together, they gave birth to 18 children, now they have a very big family which consists of 68 members.

According to the couple, they have never quarrelled in their relationship, which make them unique, although they are old but still love and respect each other. Frank said with this number of family members he never feel bored. The couple said one thing that has made them stayed together is love and how they care and support each other. They advise the youth to always respect and love one another. Despite being old, Frank's wife still perform her duties as a wife.

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