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4 Types of Women to Never Marry If You Want Peace in Life

Marriage is a union between two adults. In Ghana, marriage is a union between two families. And this definition extends across all tribes and regions. When two consenting adults meet and decide to get together, they consult their families and later the religious affiliations they belong.

The ceremony is mostly done among family members only, religious affiliation or both. In Ghana, we call the family members marriage -traditional marriage and we describe the church’s own as a white wedding.

But before you say “I do,” you’ve to be certain of what you are getting yourself into. Some people live in unhappy marriages and I don’t want the same for you, my reader. Thus, I submit to you the behaviours to look out for in choosing the right partner for the future.

A bitter woman

Some women are bitter in any size and form. They just can’t take simple jokes. The simplest thing and they are angry and ranting. These women are difficult to stay with. When having fun one cool day, they could mess up the whole atmosphere with a simple joke sentence passed by the man. Again, when you live in a compound house with such a woman, you guys will always be evicted because of a series of fights by the woman.


Someone who is arrogant is even rejected by God, how much more a human being? The Bible said the humble ones will be exalted and the arrogant ones will be denigrated. Arrogant women are disrespectful women. They think they are special and hereby treats men anyhow. When they happen to have money, then the matter is worst. Men feel loved when they are respected. When any woman shows arrogance and proves to be disrespectful, the love of men diminishes and that ruins the marriage.

Chronic cheater

A cheat is hard to live with. I remember a lady once told me it’s difficult for her to say ‘No’ to a man’s proposal. As at the time, she was keeping about 6 guys simultaneously. Such a woman will definitely break your heart and bed. She might be a nymphomaniac or not but one thing is certain, your infinitesimal absence or fight will make her cheat.

Gold digger

A woman who associates with or marries a rich man in order to get valuables from him is a gold digger and no man should consider her for marriage. She doesn’t reap what she has sown because she never sows anything. She is clearly lazy and doesn’t deserve any partner. Who should build for you to come and enjoy for free?

Such ladies will spend all your valuables and run away to another rich man when yours finish. Be on a lookout

Thank you.

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