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Here Is What It Means If You Dream Of Being Naked

This is a very common dream for both men and women. It reflects a feeling of vulnerability and insecurity and possibly shame. Maybe there is something that you are keeping secret and you fear the reactions of others when they discover the truth.

This interpretation suggests that you need to become more open in certain relationships. However, a dream where you are enjoying the sensation of being naked can mean that you are confident in yourself and are in a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Real Life Action: If there is some aspect of your life which you are concealing from others, think about ways to bring it into the open. It could be an issue you are having at work or at home, but finding someone you trust to unburden too is a positive step to take.

Tricky patches in relationships can often benefit from a third party such as a therapist acting as a mediator and allowing you both to share your feelings in a safe environment.

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