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9 Things That Are More Important In A Romantic Relationship Than Love

Love is beautiful, but it's not all that makes a couple last. Unfortunately, a few outside factors come into play when it comes to a couple's durability. Before you fully commit, make sure you have considered these 9 elements.

1. Confidence

Obviously, to be happy in your relationship, it is essential to trust the other. Jealousy is sometimes a feeling that cannot be controlled, but above all it must not be justified. Trusting others is the basis of a solid relationship.

2. Respect

You may not always agree. Quarrels are part of romantic relationships, you still need to be able to communicate and argue with respect. If either party doesn't respect their partner ... then it can quickly escalate.

3. Security

If you don't feel safe in your relationship, then there is a big problem. If your partner scares you with his excessive behavior, for example, this relationship is not healthy.

4. Happiness

For some, being in a relationship is not synonymous with happiness. It's normal not to always be happy in your professional or personal life, but for your relationship to be lasting, you must at least find happiness in your relationship.

5. Your own happiness

It is not because you are in a relationship that you are no longer an individual. Before you were an “we” you were an “I”, never forget that.

6. Independence

Being independent doesn't mean stopping or ignoring each other's texts. You just have to find a balance between your life as a couple and your life as an individual. If you feel like spending a night out with your friends, but your partner is strongly against it, then maybe he or she doesn't give you enough space to grow as an individual.

7. His vision for the future

It's important to have life plans together. It's okay to have different desires, but if your partner wants to live in Australia and you want to stay here ... At one point or another, your needs are going to get the better of the love you have. one for the other.

8. Sex

Whether you are the type to have sex once every two weeks or every day, the important thing is that you and your partner have the same desires. If you get along well on a sexual level then everything is fine. Otherwise, it is possible that there are some small adjustments to be made.

9. Communication

Everyone says it; communication is the key to a healthy relationship. We must talk to each other about our emotions, say out loud our sorrows and our anger and above all not be afraid to say nice things to each other in order to rekindle the flame from time to time.

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