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If Your Boyfriend Gives You Only 20 Cedis For The Whole Day, Manage And Cook This Food For Him.

This is my first article after I joined this news hub. With the category I have chosen, my piece will be only on lifestyle. I will be given you lifestyle articles routinely. In my first publication, I'm here to tell any girl some food to cook for your boyfriend if he gives you only twenty cedis for the whole day.

Your boyfriend has been given you only twenty cedis to cook for the whole day. You wonder how to use the money to cook, because you realise twenty cedis might not be enough to cook for the entire day. Alas, you are right. We all know how price of foodstuffs keep increasing in Ghana. Today, you may buy four suckers of plantain for five cedis, but in the next day, that same suckers of plantain may be seven cedis. That's how it is. I could tell you factually that, those girls with lavish lifestyles can't use twenty cedis to cook food for their boyfriends. Where Ghana here, we probably have three main dish, breakfast, lunch and supper, how can I use twenty cedis to cook food for my boyfriend? You ask. But in this article, there are some food you can manage and cook for your boyfriend if he only gives you twenty cedis the entire day.

You were given only twenty cedis for the whole day, so in the morning as the breakfast, you can prepare rice porridge for your boyfriend. Rice porridge is locally called in Ghana as "rice water". Buy a half cup of rice at one cedi and fifty pesewas. Buy sugar at fifty pesewas. Buy a loave of bread at one cedi. Don't buy anything else, because you have insufficient money. Cook the rice porridge for your boyfriend which was summed up to three cedis. You have seventeen cedis left for lunch and supper.

For lunch, you can cook yam with garden eggs sauce. Just buy yam at five cedis, pepper at fifty pesewas, garden eggs at one cedi, palm oil at one cedi, salt at fifty pesewas, onion at one cedi, and tilapia at one cedi. Cooking yam and garden eggs sauce may cost you only ten cedis. So this ten cedis alongside the three cedis spent already for breakfast, you may have seven cedis left for super.

At the evening or super, you can manage and cook roasted riped plantain and groundnut. Buy the plantain at five cedis and the groundnut at two cedis. This will cost seven cedis. So at the end of the day, you could realised you have efficiently used the twenty cedis for preparing breakfast, lunch and supper.

So these are three food you can cook for your boyfriend if he gives you twenty cedis for the whole day. Please manage and cook these food for your boyfriend. Don't ever say it's not enough because, these days money is difficult to find. Thank you very much for your time. I will be back with another article.

Content created and supplied by: Georgina_Agyeiwaa (via Opera News )

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