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Husband and wife relationship

MARRIAGE LIFE: Top 5 Secrets Most Husbands Would Never Want Their Wives To Know.

How well have you known your husband? Have you at any point ever suspected that your man is hiding something? Well, that may be true or not. Naturally, being honest and to your wife helps deepen the love and trust in the marriage in the case of married people but this also works well in relationships. But the truth is husbands are not always truthful with their wives for reasons best known to them.

But wait a moment. Before we get into these secrets, know that despite that your husband keeps these secrets from you does not in any way imply that, your marriage is on the verge or collapse or your husband does not love you. Additionally, this is an opinion piece and does not necessarily apply to all men. You can equally share your views in the comments section below for more engagement on the topic. Let us now look at each of these secrets.  

1. Husbands Sometimes Think About Other Women.

What will make a married man think about another women. Must it is be a worry to the wife in any case? Well, sometimes men who have married before or have been in serious relationships which could not work out do not completely forget their Exs. However, men also have a coping mechanism for being in a monogamous relationship. Men who have good working relationship with some women at the work place would in some ways harbour some thoughts of them. It may not necessarily mean that, they no longer need their wives. Most men have women as their best friends which you may never know. In a different context, some married men also have extra marital affairs in at the back of their wives. This does not call for much worry, except to look out and see whether there are some red flags that you should take seriously.

 2. Husbands Expect Their Wives To Contribute To The Upkeep Of The Home.

It can be very frustrating for men when they are hit with financial stress. Some husbands wish their wives were spending less money and contributing more money to the household. Finance can destroy your marriage unexpectedly. This is why both of you must take a decision on the finances of the family and how it is impacting your home. Sometimes, husbands choose to keep secrets from their wives because they get embarrassed and would not like to show any weakness.

 3. Husbands Secretly Glance Through Their Wives Phones And Computers.

Majority of husbands are curious about their wives’ lives. Husbands check their wives’ computers and phones. They do this whenever they begin to feel unsure unsure about the future of the marriage. In fact, when husbands begin to suspect certain things, one of the early steps they take is to constantly check the messages, emails and phone calls their wives receive. For me, although I think husband and wives should not have any secrets, the reality is that, married people have secrets. 

4. Some Husbands Masturbate.

Almost half of all husbands keep this secret from their wives. Some men are intimate with themselves regularly. But they don’t want to show weakness, and it’s natural to perform the solo act because men have more testosterone. It is nature’s way to make sure that the physical reproductive mechanisms are in good working order. Husbands keep this type of physical intimacy a secret because they may feel ashamed. They might think their wives would be offended or critical, or even hurt. It is not scientifically proven though but some people believe that, it helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer.


5. Husbands Wish To Know The Account Balance Of Their Wives.

Believe it or not, most husbands wish to know how much their wives have in their bank account. It is so because, no matter how a man declares his income to the wife, there would surely be something hidden somewhere. So, they believe strongly that, their wives may also have something to hide. Some men usually think they are smarter than their wives just as some wives also think same. Some men go the extra mile searching their wives’ wallets and this is improper and unfair. When this happens, and your partner gets to suspect this, it leads to mistrust which can generate a lot of problems in the marriage.

Please spend some seconds and share your opinions on some secrets that your think men hide from their wives and what you think can be the impact.

You can also leave your request based on a topic of interest related to relationship and marriage and I will share more thoughts on it. 

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