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"Play Boy" - 3 Attractive Tips To Become A Better Alpha Male

The power of preselection has been emphasized in most dating books and seminars you might have attend. It is time you live the life you want and date the girls you desire. This works for those guys who are fat, slim, short, ugly, handsome etc. Meaning it cut across all sections if you are good at playing the cards. Been a flirt is a tittle I hold with great honor eventhough I've not been awarded with a prize. I see myself as the "bad boy" who is able to lure and seduce a woman in to thinking that you love her and chew the best "flesh" underneath. Flirting with a girl demands constant availability, practice and skills to make it work perfectly.

Preselection is having women see that other attractive women find you attractive. You can be that saucy guy you have always wanted to be. Below are some cute and simple gist to use preselection to unlock her legs.

1. Date More Women

Dating more women would also demand your swag and competence in handling her. You can't be a broke guy if you want to have the hottest girl in your neighborhood. It's funny enough that women are more like money, the more you have, the easier it is to get more. I love to date women who are socially inclined. Either they have their own job or work in a reputable company.

2. Post Pictures On Social Media

Have an active social media to be able to help you communicate with more women. Take pictures with beautiful women and post them on your handle be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Women love challenge and would always wants to be with a guy who commands respect from other women.

3. Don't Spend Much On Her

Normally, most men thinks if they spend much on a woman, that is how they would win her heart completely. This is totally wrong and has no basis. This related to neediness. A guy who is focus at having more women on his bed doesn't spend so much on a girl since he know that definitely the girl would "leave" her. Be careful on how you spend on your dream girl. You would be tagged as a sugar daddy who spend money on women. It is an attractive trait to do that but women dislike it.

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Play Boy


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