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"Adam And Eve" Post Crazy Pre-Wedding Photo. What Do You Think? (Photo)

Marriage is a huge transition in society. For anyone who teaches the age of maturity and decided to marry, it is such a huge leap such that it has to be made memorable in every sense. In former times, the way to immortalize this significant moment was to get it on video cassettes. I guess you've watched that of your parents'. These days, marriage entails a lot. From pre-wedding to post wedding activities, you just can't seem to avoid these embellishments. But definitely, each will want his own style to be unique.

Pre wedding photos have become a significant part of the 'announcement' process. Some choose to take these photoshoots in simple clothes. Others in their work uniforms. Others with romantic and erotic poses. Yet still, others choose different pictorial messages and backgrounds. Well, our modern day Adam and Eve have popped up with their own pre-wedding photos. You should understand why I refer to them as Adam and Eve. They're covered in a cloth of leaves. Check it out here.

Well, as pre-wedding photos go, this is a different style. What do you think of this? And will you consider such outfit for your own pre-wedding photos? If you're already married, how was your pre-wedding photo. Join the conversation in the comments section. Don't forget to like and share.

We wish Adam and Eve the best of marriage life.

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