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Things You Need To Know: How To Avoid Future Fighting In Your Relationship

Please make sure that you read this carefully to avoid confusion in your relationship, this are the ways of preventing fights in your relationship:

1. Discuss new issues immediately. When you notice a problem is brewing, do not ignore it. Instead, discuss the issue before it becomes a large problem. This way you can prevent future blow-ups.

Letting things bottle up means when the next argument happens you'll end up bringing things up from the past. This can make your girlfriend feel attacked and bombarded. When a problem arises, address immediately. Even a small issue can lead you to build resentment over time.

2. Create a process for resolving arguments without anger. Anger can make it hard to respond to a situation rationally. People often lash out in anger and end up alienating those close to them. Try to work with your girlfriend on finding a way to resolve issues without succumbing to anger. A good way to do so is to take 5 minutes to express your feelings when you have a disagreement rather than immediately trying to talk.

3. Listen for underlying emotional needs. Fights are often related to the fact certain emotional needs are being neglected. When your girlfriend is upset or frustrated with you, try to examine whether she has needs you're failing to meet. Have you been distance lately? Have you been busy to the point you're not spending as much time with her? Consider whether you're not meeting your girlfriend's needs and what you can do to help meet them.

4. Summarize what is discussed to assure you understand. After an argument, always take a moment to summarize what was discussed. How do you feel? How does your girlfriend feel? How are you both willing to work on the situation to assure it won't happen again? Taking five minutes to summarize a situation after an argument can prevent the argument from reoccurring.

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